The Devil's Switch

The stories of multiple characters flow through this page-turner about a serial killer named The Versifier, the people who're trying to catch him or her, and those who know, or think they know, what makes the killer tick. It begins with descriptive passages of violent murders, each one as cruel and innovative as the last, the corpses accompanied by the killer's bloody signature phrases. If you get queasy just reading about the gruesome details of a murder, you've probably stopped reading this already, so if you're still with me, you're obviously a fan of murder or horror stories, or maybe a friend who checks my reviews from time to time. Each character has dark currents running below the surface, some of them without even realizing it, and the interaction between them varies from tense to downright manipulative. At times it's difficult to keep the characters straight, and I had to turn back a few times to recheck details, but could not put it down until the end. If you like psychological thrillers that are well sprinkled with violence you should try this one.
The Devil's Switch takes you into the mind of a serial killer. It draws a reader into a web of events from different characters questioning the philosphy of life and death. We track the killer and the characters, as their searches intersect, in search of themselves. The book is a psychological mystery novel.

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