Last Call From The Devil's Lane

Last Call from the Devil's Lane takes you through the birth and death of a crime syndicate. The novel enters the politics of crime, reflecting the new norms of the criminal underworld. The characters were all outcasts of the worlds they were born into and we experience the inception from their first meeting, all the way until the captured New York.
The Characters are all flawed with the only sense of worthy existence coming about when they meet each other and need each other.
Their life paths takes us through East end of London, Maximum Security Penitentiaries, the Royal House of Monaco, US Congress and Boardrooms.
The Dragon's Covenant and The Last Call from the Devil's Lane have similar characters, intersecting plots but they are still independent of each other. It's advisable to get both books, but each one stands on its own. The kool thing about both books is The dragon's convenant is a dark humored mainstream thriller and The Last Call from the Devil's Lane is an Action packed crime story.