Symphony of Extinction

Adam was born in a scientific lab, his existence led to the death others, he was the military's most dangerous and well kept secret. To some he was a god, to others he was the devil.
Eve was born different from humans, stronger, faster, smarter than everything and everyone around her, the next step in evolution and she was the worst kept secret.
The book explores how humanity deals with mutants they see as weapons of superior intelligence. The book explores the politics of war, the politics of politicians and the politics of love in its purest form.
The Symphony of Extinction was one of the first books I wrote that rebelled against every part of my original thought. With all of my books, I try to let them carve out their own paths, while still maintaining control in regard to where I want the story to go. However, the Symphony of Extinction did not respect that path. I found the characters unpredictable and often wrote wondering what would happen next. During the writing process, I experienced a period of writer’s block. As I pondered what to do, I read William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. Once I digested the magnificence of Shakespeare’s words, I was able to write again; however, the book that I finished was not the book that I had started writing.

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