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Njedeh Anthony was born in the Year of the Rabbit. The first book he wrote was titled “When Gods Bleed” a novel which became his third novel to get published. His first published novel was “The Seventh King,” a novel that sprang into his head after a nightmare he got while sleeping on his father’s couch. He always had a love for stories but his mutation into a writer happened when he walked into a stranger. Njedeh Anthony found himself in a seedy bar, what he was doing there is a book for another day, he met a short plumb man playing with an empty bottle of beer, he ignored the man but the man didn’t ignore him. The man walked over to him with his empty bottle and said, “Let me tell you a story of the Benin Empire.” Njedeh Anthony was a sophomore in college with time to spare, so he said why not. The man began the story, once he got Njedeh Anthony tangling to his every word, he said he was thirsty and quoted the Godfather, needing to wet his beak. Njedeh Anthony, was grateful to oblige, the man downed beer after beer, and masterfully ended cliffhangers as the bottles echoed empty. After the man ended his story, Njedeh Anthony got up and left a pregnant writer, who gave birth to When God’s Bleed. The transformation from a writer to an author, took over a hundred rejections, thousands of advices away from writing and literally begging people to take his books for free.
Today, Njedeh Anthony is an author of 11 novels who lives with his children in California.

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